Saturday, November 3, 2012

Hello World

I've finally joined all the cool kids and decided to start my own blog. Next thing on the list: MySpace. That's still cool right? Anyways, being recently unemployed, I've been bored out of my mind and need a creative outlet of sorts. What better way than to utilize a free service here on the interwebs.

Ever since I was a young lad, I love eating good food. To me, food is the great unifier. Seeing an eating establishment cater to all walks of life, can sometimes be a surreal and humbling experience at the same time. What a sight it is seeing the Toms wearing hipster, or an old money Brooks Brothers suit type, or a paint soaked day laborer wait in line for the same thing: food that sticks to your ribs after a long day. Even better, I'm fortunate to see this all in the great melting pot known as the Bay Area. Very few regions can claim to have killer a Vietnamese Noodle House on one side of town, an authentic Italian deli down the street, or a deceivingly face melting Thai Mango salad on the other.

I don't claim to have a refined palate, nor do I consider myself a food snob. I just go by what my gut tells me. I give credit to those individuals who have the guts and poured their hearts and souls to open their own restaurant. This page will chronicle my experience from such establishments, as well as my own thoughts about food related items, and sometimes non-food related topics. I'll drop some random knowledge on sports, Simpsons references, and other bon mots. Thanks for reading this intro. Let's see how this goes.


  1. Awesome intro my friend and fellow foodie. I look forward to your subsequent segments.

    1. Hey there. I look forward to it to. I'm doing this for fun and I hope it becomes a fun place to talk about food and random stuff. Thanks for dropping in and checking it out.